Sing Together

Some of our fantastic Sing Together online group, April 2021

Sensory Sing and Stroll

This month, we tried out a new outdoor singing activity – Sensory Sing and Stroll! Aimed at parents and young children, but open to all, this relaxing morning of walking, exploring and singing saw families take a musical adventure through Edgbaston Reservoir, discovering nature and their voices.

“We really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, I find it really hard to find groups that are suitable for both of my boys (4 and 2) and somewhere that I can manage them both! This was perfect, they loved puddle jumping, singing and dancing and the little one wandered off several times and came back to enjoy more singing! Everyone was so friendly and helped me – one of the moms even pushed my buggy for me so I could chase my toddler!”

Musical Picnic

In May, we had our first Musical Picnic, in the park behind St Vincent St West. Around 20 people came for our first live music event since lockdown, the weather held fair, and we sang, played and even had the boys playing football joining in!

Sing Together online

The current run of Sing Together sessions with Ellie from Singamajig has now come to an end, but we’ll be having a few special events both online and outdoor singing in person very soon!

“Maisie loves it she wasn’t allowed to join her primary school choir because pitch was a bit of an issue…… needless to say we changed schools and life is now good !!!!”

“Keep up the amazing work it’s chicken soup for the soul !!! Xxxx”

“I enjoyed learning the songs, being part of an online community during lockdown and learning some warm ups and singing techniques. It has been a really lovely group to be part of. Ellie is so warm and friendly and also a great teacher. Online worked well for me because of having a little one. Thank you so much for running the group!”

“Amelie has enjoyed the sessions, they have given her more confidence and she has continued to improve her singing.”

“A wonderfully inspired idea to get people, some complete strangers, to sing together in joyful unison!”

You can hear and see the beautiful song and video that Ellie put together from the Sing Together sessions below…

Social sing with Singamajig and Eat Make Play.

Join Singamajig with Eat Make Play on Saturday 24th April at 3pm on zoom for a social sing.

This will involve a mix of singing along to some popular songs interspersed with musical games. Participation is encouraged but optional and if you prefer to keep your camera off and listen and sing along privately then please feel free.

We will be sharing lyrics so you can sing along in the comfort of your homes. If you are an instrumentalist and would like to play along then please get in touch and we can send you a list of songs and keys so you can find tabs to play along.

Although we can’t hear each other, it’s still a joy to make music together in any way we can until we can be face to face together hopefully very soon!

Bring your smiles, your voices and, if you’d like to take part in the games, a song to act out and a song to hum/play the intro of for a live musical intros quiz.

• • •