Projects: Upcycle, recycle, re-use

Do try this at home… simple printing blocks

You can use lots of everyday materials and scrap to make fantastic printing blocks. These were made by sticking bit of foam packaging material onto cardboard squares – we got the card from the backing of a sketchbook. Polystyrene food cartons are great for this too.

We then used acrylic paint, which we carefully brushed onto the printing block (even better if you have a small rubber roller!) and printed it onto ordinary white paper. You can ink up the same block with lots of different colours, or print different blocks on top of each other, for lots of different effects.

Woven stars

You can use lolly sticks, wooden skewers, twigs collected from the park or even old felt tip pen cases or dried up paintbrushes to make these woven colourful stars. Wrap with wool, or use old clothing cut into very thin strips – t shirts and tights are great becaue they’re stretchy (or even pants and vests!).

It’s a great time for seeing what we can make with what we’ve already got!So, sort through your wardrobes, dig through the recycling box and unpack the attic… its time to #upcyclebrumtogetherShare your upcyle home projects online with #upcyclebrumtogether and #brumtogether or email them to or by text to 07857 584 371You can find lots of ideas on our Pinterest, and new projects and tutorials will be arriving here over the next few weeks.