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Do you have a creative or play skill, idea or project?

Could you volunteer some time to help isolated families get creative?

We’ve all learnt a lot very fast in the last few weeks. New ways of working, new ways for people to access what we do and new ways to share. 

One thing we’ve learned is that, while there are lots of beautiful, amazing creative resources out there, many people find them difficult to access, for a number of reasons…

  • If you don’t have internet access
  • If you don’t have much data 
  • If you’ve only got one device and everyone in the family wants to use it
  • If you don’t have a printer, or don’t have much ink or paper to print lots of pictures

So we are working to create a series of black and white booklets and single project sheets which can be quickly downloaded and printed with minimal ink, or bulk printed and given out as hard copies.

The first phase will cover the basics of arts and crafts and creative play ideas. For example, basic drawing tips, how to knit and sew, indoor play ideas, make your own games and toys. We’re going to use things that can be found around the house, junk materials and found objects as much as possible.

We also want to include black and white colouring sheets, quizzes and other activities with a local flavour; Birmingham buildings and scenes, or words and phrases, drawn in any style, suitable for black and white printing as colouring sheets. Also the anti-colouring book style would be great – half pictures and ideas to inspire people to draw, doodle and add their own. 

What can you do to help? 

  • Create written instructions for a basic art or craft skill or a play idea, using simple everyday language and only basic black line drawings. It could be a basic technique or a more involved project, but should be made with things that are easy to find at home. 
  • Create a Brum-themed colouring sheet, quiz sheet, wordsearch, crossword, maze or other paper based puzzle
  • They only need to be in a simple text document, and illustrations should be low res and either in the document or sent with them. (please make sure they are your own work or you have permission to use and share them!) 

What will we do with them?

We will make the pages available to download from our website and facebook, and print copies into a booklet to distribute to local families and individuals who are isolating. 

This is not a paid opportunity at this stage, but we will credit each artist whenever we use your work and we can cover some costs of making your work. Work created through this project will be offered free for not-for-profit use only.

If you’d like to be part of creating this really useful resource for local families, please get in touch via our Facebook page or email

We want to hear from you Ladywood!

We know our community is full of creative, inventive, imaginative people, and we’d love to know what you’re all up to!

  • Make a tutorial to show us how to make or do something – we can help if you’re not sure how. You can do it with photos, drawings, a video, or just plain text.
  • Share what you’ve making at home via pictures or videos
  • Send us your ideas and suggestions for things you’d like to learn

email us at or text 07857 584 371