Projects: Stitch

Join us every Thursday for our social Stitch group on Zoom!


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Time to learn a new craft? Or perfect your yarn skills?

Join our #knittogetherbrum by…

  • Knitting a 15cm square in rainbow colours (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo or violet!)
  • Making a Granny square or other crochet motif – we’ve shared lots of different patterns on our Pinterest page below, and we’ll add more as we find them.
  • Kniting or crocheting a blanket to gift to someone in our community who is isolating or vulnerable

Share what you’ve made:

  • In your window, on your door or in your front garden
  • Share images online using #knittogetherbrum and #brumtogether
  • email to or send by WhatsAp or text to 07857 584 371
  • If you want to make blankets, we are working on a safe way to bring your work to us, so we can distribute to people and brighten their day. Details to follow!

Granny Squares inspiration!

If you’ve got a hook and some wool at home, and you’ve always want to learn, now’s the time! Eat Make Play’s rainbow blanket is growing every day, its something that’s easy to pick up while you’re watching TV or sitting in the garden, and it’s really satisfying to see it all come together.

Visit our Pinterest for links to lots of great, easy to follow tutorials for the basic Granny Square, as seen above, or more ambitious blanket squares for the adventurous!

Follow our Pinterest to find lots of great free patterns and ideas: