Projects: Arts and crafts

Rainbows in windows have become a theme of the last few weeks, brightening the world up and making a connection with our neighbours.

Whatever your art or craft, you can join in #rainbowtogetherbrum by:

  • Making a 15cm square artwork in paper, paint, collage, stitch, print, photography, digital art, textile, stamping, clay…anything you can think of!
  • Using a different rainbow colour as the main colour for each square – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo or violet
  • Sharing online using #rainbowtogetherbrum and #brumtogether
  • …or sending via email to or text to 07857 584 371

Have a look at our Pinterest for inspirational ideas for mini artworks and look out for tutorials coming soon!

Making a rainbow with only four colours…


If you’ve got limited materials at home, you can still make your rainbow squares; here’s a little review of your basic colour mixing!

Primary colours are red, yellow and blue – all the other colours are made from these. You can also add white and black to make different shades or tones of colour – lighter or darker.

  • Red… is just red!
  • Orange = red and yellow mixed together, vary the amounts to get a colour you like
  • Yellow… is just yellow!
  • Green = blue and yellow mixed together
  • Blue… is just blue! In our palette above, we’ve added white to get a lighter shade, so it’s different to the Indigo shade next to it
  • Indigo = dark blue, either use the blue you have if its dark enough, or add a little black if you have it; but only a tiny little bit!
  • Violet = or purple; mix red and blue together. It can be hard to get a nice shade that isn’t too brown or muddy – try adding a little white, or use different amounts of red or blue until you get a colour you like.


Those odds and ends pens…

If you’ve got a couple of jars, bags, pots or boxes full of mismatched and nearly used up pens, pencils and crayons, they’re actually perfect for making little artworks!

Cut a 15cm square of white paper or card. If the paper is thin, stick it on to some card, like a cereal box, to make it stronger.

Gather together all your odd pens and pencils in rainbow colours; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

On each square, choose a different set of one colour pens to scribble, doodle, draw and make any random patterns you like; hearts, flowers, letters, names, dots, squares, diamonds, all work really well.

Nearly used up felt pens are great for shading, blending and doing watercolour type effects.

Use fine pens like gel pens and ball points to do little details or hatching – making lines that criss cross over the page and create texture and shade.

Use pencils to shade in areas after you’ve added detail with felt pens – the felt pen will still show up really well underneath the pencil.

Have fun! Use as many different pens and pencils as you can find and make it neat or messy, abstract or realistic, bold or subtle – express yourself!

Share you rainbow squares online using #brumtogether and #rainbowtogetherbrum