Share Shack #brumtogether

The Potato Project

Throughout April and May our team of spud superheroes have been working to sort, peel and distribute potatoes for emergency food parcels and meals for those most in need.

Thanks to a partnership with Slow Food Birmingham, we were able to rescue two fields full of potatoes which would otherwise have been wasted; due to C19, the farmer was unable to sell his crops and didn’t know what to do with them.

We took the potatoes back to the Share Shack shop, where our amazing team sorted and prepared and got the potatoes out with the help of The Active Wellbeing Society, who were working at nearby Ladywood Communty Centre to get essential food parcels out to residents.

Peeled potatoes where sent to community kitchens where meals are being prepared for people in isolation.

Smaller seed potatoes where wrapped up ready for planting later in the year, so that we can start a whole new crop!

A huge thanks to everyone involved, especially our fantastic volunteer team of drivers, sorters and peelers!

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